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Sodium formate

  • CAS No:141-53-7 sodium
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description

    Sodium formate is part of white and crystal powder, which has slight hygroscope ,and slight smell of methanoic acid, is easily dissolved in water, slightly dissolved in ethanol; out of dissolved in diethyl; proportion is 1.919.Melting point is 253oC.It has strong toxicity as well as irritation.
    25kg platic woven bag
    1.Leather industry, chrome tanning method in camouflage acid.
    2.For the synthesis of catalysts and stability agent.
    3.Printing and dyeing industry, reducing agent.
    4. For the production of sodium hydrosulfite,oxalic acid and formic acid
    5. In recent year, the early strength of cement is also a large number of applications and preparation of low toxicity, environmental protection, oil field drilling fluid.transport and storage

    Sodium non-toxic to humans. Non-corrosive, non-flammable. normally stored under safe, hygroscopicity, easy to deliquescence, storage and transportation process should pay attention to moisture .caking case of moisture absorption does not change when the nature of the product,after crushing normal use.